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Jace Johnson:

vocals | guitar | banjo | bass | piano | percussion

Of Seed and Soil has a vision of changing the world, a vision of music with a purpose. Singer/songwriter Jace Johnson started the project in early 2010. What started as an early closet recording project turned into a much bigger idea. He began to research non-profit organizations with the hopes of starting his own. Deciding that starting something that big, along with continuing to write and distribute his music, was too big of an undertaking. He turned to the World Food Program USA. All profits from his second album, which was released spring 2012, Warm Winter, would be donated to the program to help feed hungry people around the world. In the first two months of its release, Warm Winter helped to feed well over 2,000 people. With the hopes of it picking up momentum, Of Seed and Soil set its first goal of raising $10,000 with the project.

Jace Johnson began using the name Of Seed and Soil because of the earthy feel his music had. With a wide range of instruments including, guitar, banjo, bass, piano, percussion; a mellow folk sound, and passionate lyrics, the project explores the meanings of life, love, family, and God or lack thereof. With each track, you begin to understand that he seeks neither fame nor fortune with this project. Only to save himself with the music he loves, and
to help others along the way.

Johnson released Of Seed and Soil's 3rd album: Jurgensen (Live Living Room Sessions E.P.) in the spring of 2013. The mission behind this album went back to what started it all..the music. Jurgensen (Live Living Room Sessions) E.P. was recorded in the living room of singer/songwriter, Jace Johnson's home, in front of a small group of close friends. This album showcases live performances of every song, stripped down to the way music was supposed to be listed to for a live jam session feel throughout the album.

In November of 2013 Johnson, with the intentions to continue the Of Seed and Soil Project, took a detour in the music scene and began a project with percussionist Jeff Wiseman. Keeping the name simple the project was called Jace and Jeff. Orchestrating a sound inspired by bands such as The Black Keys, Jace and Jeff set out on a mission to share good ole' rock and roll with the world. Within two months of the two joining forces a 6 song E.P. titled Let it Go was released, and show's began to roll.

With Jace and Jeff on a roll, Of seed and soil is still in the mix having not only transitioned the track Jurgensen into a heavy dose of mind blowing rock...word on the street is there's more to come from Of Seed and Soil in the near future... New songs, new experiences, new influences, and new faces might all be in the mix.

So if you are looking for a smooth, beautiful journey of the mind then check out Of Seed and Soil. You'll be glad you did!

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