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Sep. 30

Here is a video taken from my set at Bobby G's last Friday featured on the Pitt Live & Local You Tube Channel. There are some other songs of mine, along with a lot of other great local music on this channel. Check them out: Pitt Live & Local.

Sep. 19

Check out this sweet painting by Marissa Picket that was used for the artwork to promote my show with My Rotten Self on Sep. 19th at Bubba's 311 club.

Aug. 28

Stop by Sweet Designs Cakery to score some great, locally made cakes and tunes. Now selling Of Seed and Soil Albums!
Thanks to Heather Horton for the love!

Warm Winter from Alexandra Plitt on Vimeo.

Jun. 5

Check out this fan made video for my track, Warm Winter. Special thanks to Alexandra Plitt for taking the time to make it.

May 6 2013

Turn up your bass and listen to this remix of my track, A Spark That Caught Fire by Cha-Go!


May 6 2013

Of Seed and Soil was again featured on Backseat Mafia.com for the second time! This first was back in December 2012 for a review of Warm Winter...This time, they discuss my new E.P. Jurgensen (Live Living Room Sessions), alond with a handful of other newly descoverd artsts.

Thanks again for the love Jim Fletcher and Backseat Mafia.

Perplexing Simplicity from Alexandra Plitt on Vimeo.

Jan. 11 2012

One of my songs, The Weight Of Love, was featured in a short film directed by Alexandra Plitt. Check it out.


Dec. 7 2012

Check out this article/ review that was featured on backseatmafia.com about my album Warm Winter. Thanks for the love Jim Fletcher and Backseat Mafia.

Nov. 7 2012

Of Seed and Soil got some love on the local news station. Played a short set live on TV!


Nov. 7 2012

Today I got contacted by a Philadelphia based radio station, Gashouse Radio. They are playing my music for a Band VS. Band segment next Wednesday. They will play my music, followed by another band's, and the listeners will vote on a winner. The winner moves on and goes against a new band the next day. I'll post more information as it gets closer, but please check it out and vote for my music so I can get more playtime on the station. They also said my music would be added to the regular rotation so it can be played anytime 24/7 throughout the stations programming.

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